BENSLEY, is a small atelier of youthful energetic architects,

interior designers, artists and landscape architects that

know no limits.  Based in Bangkok and Bali.

since 1989 BENSLEY, has been designing some of the worlds most iconic hotels, resorts, spas, homes and sometimes even palaces.


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I believe...


as life unfolds everything just gets curiouser and curiouser.

the more I learn the less I know.

And so, the search continues for a truly revolutionary hotel.


designing a hotel is akin to producing a Hollywood movie.

Hotels and movies both need a strong compelling storyline.

The best movies and the best hotels can be experienced many times.

Both movies and hotels are fated by opening night.


each and every hotel that we design should be uniquely different from our past, putting our clients product in front of our need to create a recognizable BENSLEY style.


I believe...

that only mother nature creates paradise on earth.

Each time we are presented a virgin site to transform into a resort I believe that no matter what we do with the site it will never be as good as what exists naturally.  So, in turn, much of our work is determined by minimal intervention, meaning that we should learn how to build with out destroying mother nature, by way of;

1) designing smaller  architectural footprints that fit between the trees as opposed cutting them,

2) living with natural drainage patterns of the site

 3) growing food and producing energy locally.


 A good garden is never done


I Enjoy...

design, if one has a client that can build as per plan, it can be exuberantly life confirming.


 travelling like a mad man around the world, sometimes 7 countries in a week, successfully, for north of 25 years


the work of my rockstar of interior design, Kelly Wearstler. She is the design hero of the 21st century who inspires me to no end,

in that she is absolutely fearless design wise.


the fun loving work of Kit Kemp as we share the joy for unique art pieces and in making a hotel exuberantly homey.


being constantly inspired by the interiors designer J. Garcia, Jeff Wilkes, Jaya Ibraham, Yabu Pushelberg and Tony Chi as their originality and detailing is exquisite.


architects Luis Baragan, Frank Gehry, Bart Prince, and Oscar Niemeyer, because of the way they treat their architecture as

a piece of fine art or a sculpture.


my all time favorite design inspiration is Frank Lloyd Wright. He could design everything from city planning to architecture, to interiors, fabrics, gardens, to and soup spoon, all equally as adept.  Thus, are our efforts to do the same.